Zero APY, No rewards, can't unstake, what's going on?

I have been checking 1inch website for about 48 hours now.

  1. Staking APY show 0%. It was 60% before.
  2. I tried claiming rewards, now the claim button is gone.
  3. I tried unstaking but I can’t put in the amount.

Are others seeing the same? What’s going on?

did this turn out just to be a bug or what?

No response from the admins. Quite worrying.

Me (ended) Farming APY is also showing 0$ and 0%.
All my LP-1INCH-ETH are gone.

Where are my tokens ?

Support not responding.

Hi all, In the future, seek support in one of the official support channels found here Where to get customer support? | - Help Center

The solution to this issue is to clear browser cache or a hard refresh on which is another way to clear cache.