Why cannot I see my 1Inch/USDT pool on the pool page

why cannot I see my 1Inch/USDT pool on the pool page


The team is aware of this display issue, working on a solution now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you need to remove now, you can also manually withdraw your liquidity using a block explorer like Etherscan.io or Bscscan.com

First, you’ll go to the block explorer associated with the chain your provided liquidity to.

Next you’ll use the token balance drop-down and search for “LP”

Once you have found the LP token you want to remove, click it and it will bring you to the token’s page.

Take a note of your balance and go to the “Write Contract” tab
Paste your balance into Unit Converter | Etherscan on the “ETH” row and copy the WEI row

Next, connect your wallet, only metamask and walletconnect are supported currently

Finally, Paste the amount you copied from WEI into option 20. Withdraw on the pools Write Contract Page.

Click the write button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Clicking “Write” do nothing in my case BNB-1INCH pool.

Hello! Thanks for reaching out to the 1inch team. This forum is not for general support questions. Please see this article for direction on where to ask for help: Where to get customer support? | 1inch.io - Help Center