Where can I withdraw my liquidity tokens

Hi… tnx for great site , where can i revert my LP tokens 1LP-ETH-1INCH back to 1inch and bnb ?

                           Tnx eon

Yes, you can withdraw them at anytime on same tab (DAO)

Yes… i can withdraw LP tokens… but i want to change them back to the origional token format straight bnb 1inch

I wanty to unstake the LP tokens like you can on pancakeswap

For quicker support and to stay on topic direct support questions to discord, telegram, or our intercom chat (the magnifying glass on our website)

As for your issue, you can remove funds from farming here on the farming tab and you can remove liquidity here, with the red minus button. If you’re having issues seeing the red minus button, try an in-private browser tab. Hope this helps!

to change (unwrap) them back to original token - you have to unstacke tokens

Not very clear.
please, provide step-by step description. so we can discuss this functionality.

Is there a reason why I can’t see my liquidity on ended pools to withdraw? Has the pool been hacked?