Where can I see how much I am earning with the pool?

Good morning everyone,
I may have a stupid question, but I can not find the place where I can see how much the pools are rewards me (example: 1INCH/CHI or 1INCH/USDT)?

I see that the APY is XXX, but I have some problem to find a actual report.

I hope I am clear with my question.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


I’m also interested in actual report. The same way uniswap can do as an example.


I’ve been wondering about this, too. I am super clueless as to what’s going on with pools. My liquidity just dropped like 2k despite prices going up… not sure what is going on.

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Can someone from admin give an answer please? :slight_smile:

As of right now, you will only be able to see the rewards when you go to withdraw. These stats will be available in the Dashboard once the update is released.

so, when i actually go to Remove Liquidity, and start the process of removing my LP tokens from the pool, i will find out how much i actually earned during providing liquidity?

where exactly do I see the rewards? yesterday I withdrawed some LP token / removed liquidity, i dont see anything new in my wallet nor i saw any type of reward

If there isn’t any impermanent loss, the rewards will be shown in both amounts of the tokens that came back from withdrawing the liquidity.

If there was impermanent loss, then when you withdraw, there will be fewer tokens than what you originally started with.

@tradersnow , what update? I was looking to create a dashboard. Can you link to the Github repository? I don’t see anything about dashboard anywhere but where you just said it… LOL!

I can’t publicly reveal any dates; however, for now the Dashboard tab is inactive and located within the app.1inch.io site menu.