When is the first unlock of the vested tokens?


When is the first unlock of the vested tokens?
Is this on 30 June?
It’s not that clear to me on the chart of the medium post and Messari seems to say something different.
Is there a more detailed sheet that holds the numbers?

,Thx for clarifying


In June (June 25 to be precise), there will be the unlock of 1INCH tokens for the ecosystem/community.
The first unlock of the vested tokens will be on Dec 25, 2021 (a year after the launch). Unfortunately, there isn’t any more detailed sheet on that.

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Hey Natalia,

I’m not sure to totally understand what are the rules for being able to claim those token ?

What do you mean by “ecosystem/community” ?


  • Can you confirm that the Messari information is correct?
    In the blog post, there is already an unlock for the team (core contributors) on 30 June…

  • Can I actually read the code for the vesting schedule on etherscan?

  • Could you maybe remove the chart from the blog post and just put a link to Messari to remove any doubts for future readers?

Thx for your time Natalia, much appreciated

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My quess:

  • past airdrop
  • liquidity mining
  • new to be invented incentive mechanisms
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I’m confirming that the Messari chart is the most accurate, except for the Total Cap, which seems to hit 2B by the end of the vesting period, while in fact it is 1.5B (ironically, it is written above :slightly_smiling_face: ).
And I will update the chart in the blogpost to avoid further confusion.


Ok. thx.
Send Messari support an email referring to this thread.

Hey all, Eric from Messari here. Thanks for flagging this. It looks like a chart glitch where the y-axis is showing 2BN but the tranches do in fact add up to 1.5BN.

I flagged the fix for our product team.