What do we need to do to expand the forum?

Guys I’ m in favour of doing that, but fairly, how is that going to help the forum grow?
we been doing the same thing one and another with the same poor results, (otherwise the forum would be full of people). I understand if you got a big bag you wanna get your share but that is more of something to do with the treasury funds than how to expand the forum.

This will bring more disbalance in our ecosystem which is already struggling, this should be something done after sorting the forum and governance through the forum


It’s because the Snapshot voting will automatically increase the governance participation . Once we start allocating treasury for snapshot the users that are actively voting will have upper egde

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It’s not about bags it’s all about early participation & this will greatly attract that . You can check those voting there are literally not enough bags to vote anyway < 40k & < 100k otherwise we would have crossed quorum already

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this brings me to this point.

Most people participating in forum activities are people who have big investment in 1inch. which are the same users that we have.

It would momentarily but people would see there is nothing much after that. That is why i propose first sort the forum, lets make it attractive, easy to access and to educate new people. then release the bags so the new people will participate.

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Nice one…Keep information like that…

they will want the next one and they should stay because is actually beeneficial

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Then those must be rewarded to go on with that feat & continue to support 1inch like they do now

Like i said it’s not something that will be used to fill bags . Each Snapshot has specific allocated fund to appreciate the snapshot participation .

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As the treasury grow more and more the rewards for snapshot participation will also grow . Soon with such participation we can join more tools to bring the audience to forum too . This snapshot thing is easy to do but ofcourse an expirement we should fiddle with

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definitely, I agree.

Nevertheless, as usual when we do some airdrop there will be new and announcement and people talking, if the forum is not ready to keep people before hand people will just go as it happened before, there are big news in crypto everyday.
Treasury is more than ready to start taking projects such as the forum upgrade.
We should be a bit more patience before creating FOMO.


if forum upgrade also a need to go thro snapshot voting it won’t be able to pass the quorum but if add a flavor to it , it can attract a lot of users to such votings like it happened with liquidity mining

in that case should be altogether.


people is not interested unles there is money invelved

People are interested but rewards give them a way to compensate the time they pouring into it which make them to come back .

Not against that at all but on chain stuff is faster to deal than off chain

we can specify in proposal to first, finish the forum before releasing funds to attract more people to the ecosystem.

Forum Makeover is difficult as i don’t think they got the expertise required for this in their current team.


I like this idea, but I fear that it could be exploited by a Sybil attack – one person pretending to be multiple users so they get rewards on multiple accounts.

We should brainstorm ways we can protect against this.

I know I’ve probably posted the same opinion in the past, but I personally take the position that rewards equivalent to the now suspended staking rewards should be proportional not only to the amount of staking, but also to the duration of staking.
I also believe that the rewards should not be compressed by applying the curve I presented earlier to the amount of staking.

Because of the above ideas, we were not concerned about multiple accounts at all.
We believe that applying anything other than staking volume and duration to rewards can decimate staking.
We believe that the decline of staking could also lead to a further decline in the value of 1inch.

Why do we think so? Because not all of us want to be active in forums. This means that people who have a lot of money to stake and don’t care much about forums will leave 1inch and move on to other solutions because they will be paid less.

If you want to reward activity to keep the forum active, you can do so in the form of
Instead of a recurring fee,

It may have already been done, but…
I think it would be better to reward the results of the activities rather than the activities themselves, such as holding a hackathon or an idea contest, voting on the ideas that come up, and rewarding the team that comes up with the winning idea.

we need to have incentives for people to see this as something cool. right now we don’t have a community. this is like a town hall and we, the people, are voicing out ideas. I think we need to build this and then people will come. if people feel like they’re part of something, something that is pivotal, as crypto is, they will become part of the movement. When and how can we start?

Anton said in past that it could be manipulated