What do we need to do to expand the forum?

I’ll be working on a document in the near future that will explain how I’ve organized and integrated the ideas I have.
I’ll post it to the following topic.

I don’t have an idea yet for quantifying forum activity, but because of the extensible mechanism, forum activity quantification can be considered separately.

Since this idea is becoming more and more concrete, I would like to discuss it on the Developer Portal if there is no problem. (I think there is an explanation that the Developer Portal is a place to talk about the 1inch API, so if the administrator points this out to you, let’s find the best place to discuss it again.)


looking forward to it :smiley:

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that idea about the curve is interested. Ideally it would be best to have people who have tokens and also who participate and are active. I hadn’t seen it as clearly before. This debate is good, to define where we want to go. I’d also like to have input from the dev team or the group mods. How would that be possible?

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I think 1 better idea is to login to forum via MetaMask account and assign activity to that particular blockchain address + we can also use data of on chain metrics to gauge the activity that address has done . Like how long he staked , how much he used 1inch dex , how many times he participated in snapshots , provided any Liquidity to pools , how many times he votedon stage - 2 etc. - We can assign a score based on these activity and lvl up the user .
once a user levelled up to a significant level and delegated by other community members he’ll be auto liable for rewards & stuff


I’ve read most of comments and i think for governance discussion in forum is hindered by the forum itself . What i want to say is that the forum structure is a bit outdated . We need a custom made forum like structure where topics do not get lost . Important points of other members inside a discussion get pinned just like telegram has a pinned feature in group . Also a heat map where a point if made gets absolute community exposure .

What i’m trying to convey is that 1inch and i think other projects might need a specialized forum which is specially designed specifically for DAO purposes


I think so too, 1 thing to add is to be able to use all wallets available on DEX in forum, and forum participation have to give higher rewards that DEX participation. We all need the DEX but not many want to use the forum.

Agree 100%

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Seems like this would be a proposal with a decent amount of support. The governance docs should be live soon, but we’ve updated the 1inch DAO Governance Process post with the most current information.

Next step would be proceeding to Phase-2 and totaling fleshing this proposal out:

  • The amount dropped

  • How the drop will be calculated (flat drop to each address? proportional to amount staked? etc…?)

  • The total cost to the Treasury

  • Which chains are eligible

  • Which addresses are eligible (minimum amount staked?)

  • Etc…

Let me know if you require any assistance during this process.


This one is the most Interesting Question . This might sound crazy or what but how about we allocate Treasury funds to buy 1inch = to the amount of 1inch Voted .

Then use those funds and airdrop each address proportionally to the amount they voted or staked then whatever is left out of those funds will either be burned or sent back to treasury OR maybe distributed evenly again to all the addresses that voted in Both 1IPs [I’ll let the team/vote decide the lower limit to exclude]

BTW this Allocated fund for rewards must not use more than 1 - 5% of Treasury PER snapshot : )

Fair & Square . Plain & Simple

All Chains but Single Address Single Claim

So [ Total Snpashot Votes 1IP1 & 3 ] 93.66k + 42.42k = 136.18K < 5% of Treasury Funds (3.5M) [ If no other snapshot happened in that month else 1% treasury fund allocation ] = Approved

In Short ,

Approve 5% of Treasury Fund [If no other in that month Happened] → Distribute Proportional to their Votes per 1IP → Anything Left Distribute Evenly to all → These Rewards Claimable on next snapshot → 10 Day window given to claim else revert funds back to treasury

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Guys I’ m in favour of doing that, but fairly, how is that going to help the forum grow?
we been doing the same thing one and another with the same poor results, (otherwise the forum would be full of people). I understand if you got a big bag you wanna get your share but that is more of something to do with the treasury funds than how to expand the forum.

This will bring more disbalance in our ecosystem which is already struggling, this should be something done after sorting the forum and governance through the forum


It’s because the Snapshot voting will automatically increase the governance participation . Once we start allocating treasury for snapshot the users that are actively voting will have upper egde

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It’s not about bags it’s all about early participation & this will greatly attract that . You can check those voting there are literally not enough bags to vote anyway < 40k & < 100k otherwise we would have crossed quorum already

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this brings me to this point.

Most people participating in forum activities are people who have big investment in 1inch. which are the same users that we have.

It would momentarily but people would see there is nothing much after that. That is why i propose first sort the forum, lets make it attractive, easy to access and to educate new people. then release the bags so the new people will participate.

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Nice one…Keep information like that…

they will want the next one and they should stay because is actually beeneficial

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Then those must be rewarded to go on with that feat & continue to support 1inch like they do now

Like i said it’s not something that will be used to fill bags . Each Snapshot has specific allocated fund to appreciate the snapshot participation .

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As the treasury grow more and more the rewards for snapshot participation will also grow . Soon with such participation we can join more tools to bring the audience to forum too . This snapshot thing is easy to do but ofcourse an expirement we should fiddle with

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definitely, I agree.

Nevertheless, as usual when we do some airdrop there will be new and announcement and people talking, if the forum is not ready to keep people before hand people will just go as it happened before, there are big news in crypto everyday.
Treasury is more than ready to start taking projects such as the forum upgrade.
We should be a bit more patience before creating FOMO.


if forum upgrade also a need to go thro snapshot voting it won’t be able to pass the quorum but if add a flavor to it , it can attract a lot of users to such votings like it happened with liquidity mining

in that case should be altogether.


people is not interested unles there is money invelved

People are interested but rewards give them a way to compensate the time they pouring into it which make them to come back .

Not against that at all but on chain stuff is faster to deal than off chain