What do we need to do to expand the forum? possible implementations

Hi guys we have been brain storming a few ideas on this topic and we would like to know your point of view from the developer side please comment and feel free to add, Thank you!

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Developers don’t attend these forum . Pretty strange right ?

lol then how would we be able to sort anything out without them

’ Via Mods ’ They say …

What is that of “Mods”?

We haven’t presented any concrete solutions to the developers yet.
I’m a dull system developer myself, but I think the only people who are allowed to just communicate vague requests are the customers who pay for the solution.
I think that if you can present your requirements to the specifics, you can finally get to the table to discuss with the developers.

If the developers are unresponsive at that time, I personally may lose heart.
However, if the people who have come to the forum keep the buzz going, as I have done in order to bring people back to the quiet forum, I expect that the buzz will attract more people and the forum will gradually grow.
When that happens, governance will begin to exercise its important function of voting.

However, if we choose to keep negative words in the forum to keep it lively, we will alienate positive people.
A forum that is devoid of positive opinions will not attract people.
Keep coming up with positive ideas.

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right, so in this case I believe we gonna have to make a proposal happen!
lets make key notes of what the ideas we have in the other post and continue brain storming a couple more days. Then put a paper on place with all the point we think are of what we need and…
Lets keep this democracy rolling :tada:

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Although this idea already posted by @Genkai.Shogun in his post using poap and other methods to reward user and increase participation . It’s related to nfts and stuff .

But there’s this another concept called NFNTs non transferrable once claimed. check this -

Badges (NF-NFTs)

Badges are non-transferable, non-fungible tokens that may only be received if first manually approved by the user’s wallet. Badges serve as reputation in the network and can serve for just about any type of field imaginable for the purposes of digital media creation, from writing to production to tech support to gardening to fire fighting.

Badges are used by 1inch Network to ensure that the “wisdom” of the masses does not go astray.

Stage 1. In the first stage of 1inch Network governance, $1inch token holders submit proposals to enhance 1inch Network. $1inch token holders then vote on these approvals, most likely using quadratic voting to keep the vote more balanced.

But even quadratic voting does not completely eliminate the threat of whales overtaking a vote. This is where badges come in.

  1. If a proposal is approved in the vote, it will then enter the realm of the DAO Council . The DAO Council consists of wallets holding the most weighted badges that have brought value to the network, which begins with core contributions to bootstrapping the 1inch DAO.

Only the DAO Council can authorize the release of funds from the Treasury. If the DAO Council approves a proposal, funds will automatically be released to the proposer’s wallet.

The DAO Council will at first consist only of core contributors to th DAO; however the nature of our badge system will allow almost anyone to work their way up to join the upper level of decision-making

That is a pretty cool use case we can see & goal was to increase community engagement by gamifying interactions between the people of MakerDAO. I think 1inch can sort of implement something like this too with even more twist and turn .

1inch team already got best animators we can see in their work in tweets etc. so it won’t be a problem .
Take a look -

Not only that we can also unlock potential 1inch rewards once a member is well known member there by increasing more gov interactions .


Here’s some technical stuff i think 1inch can use and mold it even better like they did with 0x limit order to make an even better stuff .

Badges :slight_smile:

The amount of participation in maker forum is staggering and as 1inch is newer to this space we can learn a lot

I think sushiswap also use it and here’s aave trying doing something similar

Preventing sybil attacks by attatching the amount committed to staking and assigning proof of care , proof of intention , proof of participation & proof of attendance . we can take this to a whole new level .

Also only people that have staked atleast 500 1inch wil be able to create topics in 1inch forum etc

@RoundElephant I think community should also use Community-Development Initiative Proposals to make 1inch better if community wants something that can be voted and funded for it via treasury after successful Quorum

Idea of Badges ?
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  • For :white_check_mark:

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To prevent the discussion from going in the wrong direction, let me first confirm the premise of the discussion.
Can I assume that your proposal for this topic is based on the assumption that it will be incorporated into the framework that I am proposing?

I’ll reply to you with that assumption.

All the components in the 2nd Layer need to output a final value between 0 and 1 for the result evaluated by each component.

I recognized the proposal as an idea to prove each individual’s activity with NF-NFTs. (You also mentioned the procedure for releasing the reward from the Treasury… I felt like you were talking about more than one thing, but I’m just focusing my reply on what I think is relevant. Please let me know if my perception is incorrect.)

I think it is not bad in the sense that it is secure, such as anti-counterfeiting. The other point I need to think about is that I think we can prove activity, so I think we need to think about how to replace individual NF-NFTs with evaluations, and how we can convert them into 0-1 outputs.

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This was about improving activity engagement

I see, the content matches the title of the topic.
Maybe I should have asked you to change the title when you created the topic here.

I’m sorry to bother you, but would you mind if we continue the topic in the original “General” category, since the name has not been changed and the content you posted is fine, but different topics are being discussed in parallel?

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but would you mind if we continue the topic in the original “General” category, since the name has not been changed and the content you posted is fine, but different topics are being discussed in parallel?

I really think that is key to keeping the forum productive. We see a bunch of great ideas here but they seem to constantly get buried in Megathreads with a dozen conversations going on at once.

As soon as anyone sees an idea that they think has wheels, the next step should be to spin up a standalone Phase-1 discussion thread that is solely focused on fleshing it out.

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I don’t think it’s something that needs a governance dao voting anyway . It’s something that 1inch team should have done long ago when Governance forum created at 1st place . This is some general stuff to ramp up the user activity in forum . Whether or not the REPUTATION of user in forum will be linked to the DAO voting and Veto is another concept . This can be Done in Phases

Here’s what opium did with NFNTs

I think it’s possible to Generate and Distrubute/mint such NFNTs can be callled 1ID to verify users to prevent sybil attacks based on user activity and engagement

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So Opium’s NFTs act as a sort of non-transferable KYC for the wallet/user that holds it. Is that what you’re talking about? Or are you talking about decoupling the KYC from the anti-sybil characteristics – as in, use the NFT to mark a unique government participant, but do not require the participants to go through KYC?

Yes i think these have potential to act as stage -1 basic kyc . This way a sybil attack may happen but that account won’t be able to decieve as the task embedded to it will make it useless to do so by attaching on chain data like volume traded in a month , milestones etc. stage 2 can include attaching verified social profiles etc.