What chain should be next target for 1inch?

what chain should be next target for 1inch?

  • avalanche
  • xdai
  • harmony
  • fantom
  • moonriver
  • heco
  • other

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arbitrum, nothing else of this list matters

ah, right… for some reasons I thought arbitrum was already covered, but turns out it was optimism. Can I edit poll here?


Once a poll is Published , you can’t Redo or Edit its options !

okay. I will redo it if ‘other’ category will surpass harmony.

what chains except of arbitrum should be included into new poll? polkadot? terra maybe?

You should consider to join consortsium
“DeFi for the people” based on CELO
Blockchain. Currently Its the most growing project

People who voted ‘other’, can you put your choices in comments and I will re-create a voting?

Solana could be one to add to the list