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ive been trading on 1 zinch for along time well i started right afther the snapshot for the 1inch airdrop. I started out on Uniswap and now i tru to use 1inch as much as possible. They are already working on a lot of unique features like gas prices and long term trades if you are out of ethereum. one of my favorite exchanges. if they find a better way to increase the price by air dropping more tokens for loyal users. Incentives more people to come with wide spanding airdrops that include anyone who ever traded here. Airdrop a couple million then burn the same amount of tokens. raising value in your customer will raise the value of the coin. by the way, Am i still eligible for this up coming airdrop? Bc ive made over a thousand dollars in trades on 1inch this week. lol


The 1-inch is an example of how DeFi protocols and applications need to build a decentralized system where users make decisions and manage the protocol by group consensus.
Most DeFi protocols are not actually decentralized but “majority owned” by WC funds which as early investors were given huge management rights in the form of governance tokens at a very cheap price.
I have been in the DeFi sector since the end of 2018 and I am quite active in several DeFi protocol forums. After a little more than 2 years of experience, my opinion is that real and truly decentralized protocols must be built on the example of Uniswapa, 1inch, Aave, Synthetix - where are align interests are between users and token holders.

Given the situation in which the Ethereum network finds itself (High fees, front-running, MEV and EIP1559) I think the 1inch protocol has shown flexibility by enabling work on the BSC platform. Despite the numerous criticisms and the centralization of the BSC platform, I think it is a great move because in the short term reputation plays an important role - (CZ ceo of Binance has a somewhat transparent performance). I expect certain technical problems on the part of Binance and poor experience with support due to the arrival of a large number of users and funds in a very short time. Therefore, I expect that in this forum we will help each other to be less dependent on Binance support.