Website SCAM

I have noticed that I lost money on false website I there any way to gain this money back? Or inform some one about this crime?

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There is no way to recover the funds. Another issue you may encounter is since your funds were stolen because of a token approval, you’ll want to revoke permission to the address which stole your funds at one of the following:

If you’d like quicker responses to things like support inquires, you can use our intercom chat (magnifying glass in the corner of, discord, or telegram.

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They had me as well. I lost 1700 tokens which i wanted to stake . I have a tread on reddit here

Is it possible to get the funds back or find out who the owner is of the address i sent to ?

really my stumach turned when i saw the typo after i sent teh funds.

@Belac Thanku, without your post i would have lost my new 1inch tokens i bought on binance , i have revoked using TAC and put the amount on 0.00 . i hope this is enough and tehy will not be able to steal my funds. I will defintely sent the new tokens to a different address.

I also hope they have not gained access or put malware on my computer. I did not download nything but one can never be 100% certain right ?

sorry for typos but i am angry and because i am dyslexic i did not notice the typo at first

There would be no way of recovering the funds sadly.
I’ve heard some stores of users contacting exchanges which tokens are sent to and recovering some of theirs, but this is few and far between. It’s been reported and now will hopefully warn users before entering the site. More than likely they haven’t installed malware unless you downloaded and ran a file off the site.

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this is the crook: Address 0xd15d89d0b411cd92a34ede88754e33469fa39c97 | Etherscan

We have traced the address through a friend of mine that understands blockchain very well. The scammer put everything in WBTC here Address 0x1dd89292d0cd2f8cc77a0139761a216f03fc770e | Etherscan

The official 1inch company is pretty reluctant about my loss. The reason why i wanted to stake and vote was to support the protocol and be an early adopter and receive future airdrops. Well it cost me.

I bought a small amount of tokens again and will try staking them on the real site this time. I just need to do this to get over this situation personally. Do u know if 1inch offer future airdrops for tokenholders that stake there tokens or participate in voting process. Maybe this way i can recover some of my lost tokens.