Unique Idea for Ethereum Gas Fee Payments

I have an idea for a system that 1inch could create, implement, or provide to help people convert their tokens without the need of Ethereum or Gas Chi tokens… A system that would take a “cut” of the trading tokens in order to “front” the gas fees associated with the transaction… So for example…

I have traded all my eth into other tokens and have found myself with 0 eth but I have…

0 Eth
2000 1inch tokens
2000 Uniswap tokens
500 Badger Dao tokens
Stakedao Tokens

In order to make a transaction happen, and to save myself from not being able to afford gas fees… i go to the “x-change” or “payfee” section of the page (names i came up with), to be able to have the trade from 100uni to xxx 1inch be paid by the “X-change, or feepay” system, essentially fronting the fee for the transaction but also taking a cut from the two trading tokens… so 100 uni to xxx 1inch, -minus gas fee taken from a cut of uni/1inch, then a small cut for the convenience and viola!, no gas needed in times of emergency!! Let’s make it happen on 1inch!!! COMEON!!!


Forst thing: you have to sign transaction with gas. so you can’t do it totally without a gas. but the rest idea looks legit.
but how do you get the price of current tokens? chick oracles will you gonna use?

It could be nice idea for hackhaton.