UI issue - 1inch pool stats delayed on BSC

Hey, I have noticed that there is a delay in the stats (Liquidity, Earning and Volume). It is April 21st and the stats only go to April 4th?!?

Double checked, and seems that the stats are updated correctly when on the Ethereum blockchain. So it is only a BSC issue.

Screenshot now included…



Nice post mate.

I am having the same issue BUT I can only see up until 9th April 02:00:00…

Would love to get an answer to this too.

Also do we know will the pool be extended after the end date?


@ProServe1, thanks man. Just noticed because was looking deeper into trying to find the best/most profitable pool to provide to and the current liquidity displayed was not what the chart was showing… Then saw the dates were delayed, by about 2 weeks or so.

About the 1inch rewards being extended, I really have no clue. The 1inch forum is kind of lacking in the developers input it seems. If the same happened on Compound, where someone noticed the issue I found, someone from Compound’s team would have replied nearly instantly and one of their devs would have already putting a proposal together for a fix.

Also, something else is bothering me with 1inch’s UI. How long does it take to make a dashboard?!? Having the link to a dashboard leading to a “coming soon” or “not available” screen is going to become unacceptable (to me) if not resolved with an actual dashboard within a few days of the rewards ending. Going to have to “skip town” early if that isn’t resolved. And the dashboard doesn’t really need to be everything a dashboard can be, just some info on the amount of liquidity that a user has provided and which pools the liquidity resides in would suffice.

I loved to have found 1inch when I did because of Ethereum’s INSANE gas fees, but the team seems to have lost interest in making it better, or out partying with all that money this protocol is producing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What’s up again mate, Hope the ol’ crypto farm is treating you well. :wink:

Just an update on this issue, I can now see pool data but only up until the 20th of April.

What are you seeing ?