Transfering 1INCH token from exchange to MM

Hi guys,
I bought 1INCH tokens on an exchange and now want to transfer them to my MetaMask wallet.
I see that 1INCH is both on ETH and BSC chains.
Can I tranfer my tokens directly from the exchange to any of these 2 chains? Or is there an additional step to get it on the BSC chain?
Is it smart to transfer to the BSC chain at the moment (I understand fees are lower but is there enough liquidity?)
If anyone could help that would be most appreciated.
Thank you


to get BEP-20 1INCH token, you’ll need to use a service like and make sure to get a hold of some BNB to cover transaction fees. If you send ERC-20, those tokens go to ETH mainnet, if you send BEP-20, those tokens go to BSC.

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