Transaction failed missing tokens (bsc)


I recently tried to make a transaction on 1inch wth metamask wallet (bsc)

I swaped xcur to bat. The amount was 1400 dollars and i didnt receive bat nor xcur. The money is missing. My transaction number is 0xe311ab28a1f23d31dd50b94e61b5940af448cd994f11cc7fcaef67bfb06c2b44 and it says that is completed.

But i cant find any money or tokens…

Please help…

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I’ve linked the pictures below, it’s clear from the transaction hash you provided, that the swap was from about 1000 XCUR to 0.000000000088 BAT, which you do have in your address. In the picture below that, I shared the current swap rate on for XCUR → BAT. This shows that the liquidity is very low and is why you should verify every swap rate before executing a swap.

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