The ultimate aggregator button to rule them all


Create a button that can move value from one position to another… In a very general sense.


I’ve been a trader for years and have caught myself into a scenario where I am staring at a chart and I am saying to myself “I wish I could move my value into here right now”, but being held back due to the barriers.

I envision a button that could move a position from an ETH-1INCH LP position on to an sTSLA synth position on
I guess I should ask, is this possible with one transaction?
if not, then I ask,
is it possible with multiple transactions while still providing the same user experience?


I am a large investor into 1inch and I think this would provide much value to the platform. Not just from me using the button, but every other trader who has felt the same at some point.


I’m not too sure as I’m not the best at coding.

What are your thoughts?


K guys, you all know this functionality would be MASSIVE for the entire DeFi ecosystem and would stir lots of talk amongst the DeFi community.

Any input?

Hey! You can do this, just set in exchange interface tokens: