Swap protocol improvement suggestion

Hello to all!

I use 1inch every time I have to swap a token, because it is simply the best protocol on BSC.
There is really only one thing that bothers me about my UX and that is not being able to choose how much I want to receive from the token I am swapping for.
For example, on pancakeswap or other similar protocols, I can say that I want to exchange 1 BNB for X 1inch, but I can also say that I would like to exchange X BNB for 1000 1inch, which is not possible on https://app.1inch.io/.
So I suggest that we add this feature to the protocol to make it even more perfect and versatile.

What do you think about it?


Though this is a great suggestions, the reasoning behind not being able to do this is it’s harder to calculate the best rate in reverse. Some AMM’s have this, but not all our aggregated liquidity sources do. So in short, it’s a bit too difficult and probably won’t be implemented.

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