Staking Rewards on Binance Chain Stopped?

Hey I just claimed my staking rewards on Binance Chain a few minutes ago. Afterwards, I cant see the unclaimed staking rewards button anymore, and it looks like Im not accumulating rewards anymore.
Besides, my address is not listed anymore under " Top Addresses by Voting Power". Is there a bug or did 1inch stop paying Governance Rewards? It still shows an APY of close to 60%.


Hello, The same problem occurred after adding additional funds to the stack. Accruals have stopped. Nothing is happening right now. There is also no reward withdrawal button.

yes this is happening to me too. Do I have to vote on any of the governance protocols to get the rewards? or is it cos there is a bug for 1inch on BSC?

Just talked to Alexey from the Support. He told me it is a technical break and that it will continue soon.

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I connected staking yesterday afternoon. Until nightfall, it was clear that the coins were being credited. Then the accrual stopped. I also don’t understand what’s the matter.

How do you talk to support? Is there a link?

You can contact our support on intercom (the magnifying glass in the corner of, Discord, or Telegram.

To everyone else in this thread, rewards have resumed for BSC staking.