[Stage 1] Crypto newbies can consult a video library to get confident and start using the 1Inch DEX


  • Retail is entering the crypto eco system since that start od 2021 (Cfr google trends for “buy ethereum”)
  • However a new has to learn a lot (public/private keys, use of ledger/metemask/… )
  • Newbies are afraid to do something wrong and as a consequence lose assets
  • The DEX that resolves these barriers will get better adoption
  • Most people do not like to read (Blogs). Video are a more appreciated medium
  • If possible provide video, for a different pre-knowledge of crypto (experienced with dex/cex, experience with CEX, some basic knowledge, none at all)

Add a library that informs newbies, topic suggestions

  • Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, …
  • Securing funds , private keys, ledger, metamask, …
  • Trading essentials
  • 1inch swapping, parameters
  • Liquidity pools, staking
  • Governance


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