StableNode Delegate Thread

Governance Forum Username: @Doo_StableNode , @Bobbay_stablenode , @Kene_StableNode
Discord Username: Doo#3219, bobbay#4885
Ethereum Address: stablelab.eth

Voting Record: Boardroom Management Portal

Our vision for 1inch Network:

1INCH has established itself as the leading DEX aggregation platform within DeFi. StableNode is interested in supporting 1INCH in implementing governance processes and frameworks that encourage transparency, voter participation, and community engagement.

We look forward to supporting 1inch Network in implementing lean and sustainable frameworks that will allow the governance of the protocol to flourish. With our expertise, both practical and research, we believe that we can support 1inch in successfully decentralizing further as outlined in the 1inch governaxnce overview .

Delegate Pitch:

StableLab under StableNode is a governance research and product development company. Using research and hands-on experience we aim to advance standards in decentralized governance. Our team has been in the space for many years, both in research and as core contributors to protocols such as MakerDAO.

We are focused on supporting protocols to reach a safe and sustainable level of decentralization. There is no one-size-fits-all approach but a framework of principles and tools that we have built with our experience. 1inchis at an important stage of decentralization and we look forward to supporting the protocol in further developing their governance system.

Web3 / Crypto Qualifications: StableLab and its members contribute to various protocols’ governance. We are currently the largest Recognized Delegate at MakerDAO, the largest at InstaDapp, top 3 in Element Finance, Balancer, and many others.

We are one of the leading professional delegate organizations and are active participants in every protocol where we are delegates. A majority of our delegation comes from the community.

Our Web3 Interests:

DAOs, DeFi, Governance, Data and Analytics, Social Impact

Our skills and expertise:

Governance and Growth

With our experience, we have developed a systematic and robust approach to governance. Creating principles that optimize the objective outcome of the decision-making process is key to successful governance.


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Languages we speak/write:

en, ko, da, de, es, zh, dk

What voters can expect from StableNode:

  • Active: We participate in every aspect of the governance process, ranging from presenting proposals, providing feedback in the forums, and active voting.
  • Diligent: We provide clear and transparent reasonings for each of our votes, which are backed by a mix of research and practical experience.
  • Trust: Unbiased and Transparent. We act according to our public code of conduct, driven by a strong set of ethics and values.
  • Research: Each of our votes are backed by thorough research, experiments, and insight from various sources.

Conflicts of Interest:

StableNode acts as delegates on other protocols. All of our governance participation is public.


[1IP-10] 1inch DAO SAFE Airdrop Claim

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We look forward to representing 1INCH and StableNodes interest at SafeDAO. We will be documenting all of our votes on our StableNode platform at SafeDAO for those who wish to stay up-to-date with our votes.

We also record our voting history here.

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