Should we rebalance 1inch token?

Discussion Only.

I know that I was NOT a very active user of 1inch, so I was shocked to find nearly $4000 USD in 1inch tokens that I could claim - this price relates to their initial value the day that they were claimable.

I say this respectfully and gratefully, but I got a lot more than I put into it.

What if the massive airdrops were overdone? What if market spectators rightfully fear that if they go all in at $7, 20-50 people might find out that they have some 1inch to claim and immediately dump it on the market? Obviously we don’t want to devalue the token or the overall balance from holding the tokens, but what if we could combine for instance, 5 tokens into 1? Or whatever number the community deems appropriate.

I think ONE reason that Uniswap jumped to 20 and then 25 and then found support at 30 so fast is because there were fewer in open circulation.

Thanks for your time, I would love to hear your feedback.



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