Scammers are using your exchange

Look at Transaction Hash 0x969cf93a2813d5ef77dfab32f7b578c907d5fb017b85c4390798f9ae6d5fb7d2 on the Etherium blockchain. You should see that the funds came from a confirmed scammer source. Any funds coming from a scammer address should be blacklisted and unusable in any contract. The funds used should be returned to the rightful owner.


Stolen funds ultimately came from Etherium address 0x95a19b0CCb7a1C68AAa60813dEec265a08998109.


it is very hard to know when a fund is stolen or not, so it would be hard to counter this… uniswap, 1inch and all exchanges are susceptible for this to happen because once an address is black listed, they just create or use another wallet address to circumvent that block… the best practice is to keep your wallet information safe or even use or setup a multisig wallet. check gnosis safe…