Role of Chi, Volume traded on 1inch & gas fees

Hi there,

Im not going to lie, Im not an expert - my question is as follows would more availability of Chi reduce general costs of fees? As in more people minting and using/selling them in moments like rn.

I see the relatively high fees as an unfortunate bottleneck to volume traded. Especially for lower volume trading. Also as a barrier for many not to bother going into some interesting smaller coins.

Any input on how Chi’s role could expand and its effects would be greatly appreciated.

i think the role of chi right now is stealing 1inch’s thunder because people seem to be buying the gas more than the token itself…and that might be the plan but if they merge the 1inch exchnage service with receiving free (portions/per trade) chi gas tokens, that would help alot because more people would use 1inch to make their trades…when they get a little bit of help on the gas fees, right?