Rewards collection Transaction dropped but still showing

Hi Guys
I have a transaction that is pending for my farming rewards (I think my gas was too low) but when I click on etherscan it is showing that it is dropped (I tried cancelling the transaction via metamask). Now it is blocking all other transactions from my metamask. Can you help?

Here is the dropped transaction:

I have checked you ETH Address and see there is another transaction with the same nonce (380) so the oldest will be replaced/dropped. Here is the TX Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

If you wanna increased the gas and cancel your transaction you can send 0 ETH to your self with higher fee and same NONCE (380). Hope it will help you :slight_smile:

Ah ok thanks

How do I do that as that is where I keep getting stuck. I don’t quite understand the process of sending a transaction to myself.

Lol I can do most things but my brain doesn’t seem to understand this process.


Send 0 ETH using your wallet, then send it to your wallet, with the same address. Thats It called send to yourself.

Ok but don’t I need to use the same nonce also?


Sorry you already said that. No worries I will try this.


How long do these 0 eth transactions normally take?


You have to use the same nonce so you can replace the old one.

It depends on how much gwei you use. based on the ETH blockchain. You could see the ETH gwei price in ETH Gas tracker :

thanks this is solved

However I am now trying to claim my rewards from the finished pool of eth and 1inch and the transaction is showing nothing?

Make sure that the gwei price on ETH Gas Tracker is apropriate with the gwei you use. You can see the update on the ETH Gas Tracker that I have posted here Rewards collection Transaction dropped but still showing - #8 by IonYopYop
Your TX will be inside the eth blockchain when gwei price is enought. Also make sure you did not change the gas limit when make the transaction.

thanks ill give that a go

You are welcome, I am glad to help. :slight_smile:
Anyway, you have so much aset on your ETH wallet. You could give me some, hahaha, I am kidding. :joy:

yeah it is scary what people can see, Thanks for your help

It is okay, you could use some ETH wallet, so your asset will be spread on several wallet. So people won’t know how much you have.

yes but so annoying to spread it but yes good advice

You could have only 2 ETH wallet which you use for store your asset, and some for doing transactions. Cold and hot wallet concept.

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So im withdrawing my eth and 1inch pool and it is saying gas is GAWI is 65 and Gas limit is 600000. The gas limit seems too high and the gwai too low?

Yes, the gwei is too low, you only can change GWEI based on ETH Gas Tracker. Check it before make a transaction.

And Never change gas limit which made by default depend on the transaction you made or it will be fail because of run out of gas.

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