Request for 1inch 2021 roadmap

I am a big fan of 1inch for 2 reasons

  • Better UI in the DEFI space
  • Aggregation of other DEXes

I really would appreciate to see the 2021 roadmap.

Could the 1inch team please share their roadmap (Even if it uses a rolling wave planning approach)


Hi. All the important public announcements will be posted on Medium@1inch-exchange/

Thx … There is a huge difference between announcements(near future) and a roadmap (medium term future 3 to 12 months)… So … I really would like to see the 1inch roadmap


Any update or any further information on this? A updated roadmap would do wonders for the project.

I highly agree that there is a strong difference between announcements and roadmaps. They both support transparency but road maps drive more goals and community spirit.

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It is September and they still don’t have a roadmap for 2021 lol. If this is how they go, we won’t see 1inch around in 5 years.

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