RenBTC Liquidity Mining Program & Bridge

The Ren protocol was one of the most important catalysts to the Defi boom last year on ETH, enabling permissionless BTC on ETH (direct and via WBTC Cafe).

Last month Ren released their bridge to BSC, but yet there has not been any significant volume of renBTC or other assets to BSC due to lack of incentivisation (e.g. protocol inflationary rewards paid by Pancake Swap).

Could there be synergies between the 1inch protocol and RenVM to bolster liquidity on BSC? Perhaps a BTCB/renBTC pool?

1inch could implement a bridge, similar to what Badger are building, where a small fee is taken on top of the RenVM fee. Profits from the bridge could be used to buy back 1inch Token, causing a positive feedback loop. As there would be arbitrage opportunities between ETH and BSC, the more the bridge would be used, which in turn would create more profit/price appreciation for 1inch token holders.