Remove arbitrary and draconian exchange restrictions

Defi is global and inclusive. Recently (and without notice that I have been able to find), 1inch made the terrible decision to prevent users from some list of countries, including the US, from using the aggregator service. This is antithetical to the crypto and defi ethos, and only helps to actively harm the very people that crypto is supposed to empower.

I would like the DAO to vote on restoring open access to 1inch to users regardless of where their internet connections happen to originate.

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Hey, regarding recent 1inch Network UI eligibility requirements - please be aware that 1inch Network UI which is backed by 1inch Foundation is not targeting the USA and sanction countries’ residents and limiting them to accessing its functionality from day one of its existence. It immediately means that 1inch Network was always decentralized. It was a basic parameter for 1inch Network UI so to avoid any potential regulatory constraints in the USA and general non-sanction countries compliance. The DAO can not unfortunately hold the UI these days. Still, the 1inch API and all existing 1inch Network smart contracts are free from any limitations, many products that are based in the USA are using 1inch API and providing it to their users with no restraints. Everyone can run their own frontend and set up a 1inch API and/or all existing 1inch Network smart contracts.

All I have to say is there has to be strict guidelines before listing smart contracts. Too many rugpull and scams … something has to be done ASAP about this issue …it’s a cancer killing our industry…