Referral Code That Also Links to Trades (Polygon/BSC)

I am requesting that the referral code feature for linking directly to trades (like Matic to USDC) be implemented across all side chains. Currently this feature only works on ETH mainnet. This is the proposed URL design:

1inch - DeFi / DEX aggregator on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chainsidechain ID/r/address/token_contract_or_symbol/token_contract_or_symbol/

This would help defi projects directly link to their trades on 1inch in a way that helps their project.

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I think it’s very good. Can you be more detailed?

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Yes, I would like the referral URL to look like this: ID/r/address/token_contract_or_symbol/token_contract_or_symbol/


sidechain ID = ID of sidechain RPC, such as 137 Polygon
address = Wallet address of Referrer (0x…)
token_contract_or_symbol[0] = Token to trade from
token_contract_or_symbol[1] = Token to trade to


I also would really appreciate this.

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