README: 1inch DAO governance process

In our strive for building a permissionless and decentralized network, we pay special attention to our community. This forum is specifically designed to facilitate insightful discussions and give everyone an opportunity to propose improvements that make a difference for the entire community.

Below you will find a brief description of 3 stages of the 1inch DAO Governance Process:

stage duration description
Stage 1
Proposal (idea) open-ended At this stage, users propose improvements to the protocol that could benefit the entire 1inch community and, possibly, the DeFi space in general. Please, explain your proposed improvement in as much detail as possible and specify how it can be beneficial for the entire community. Make sure your title is labeled as Stage 1 - [your title here].
Stage 2
Discussion (draft) up to 28 days At this stage, proposals are discussed by community members. Therefore, authors of proposals should be able to answer questions and, if necessary, make adjustments to their proposed improvements. You should be receptive to feedback, including criticism.
Stage 3
Consensus (active) up to 14 days At this stage, a poll will be launched, and users will be able to vote for a finalized version of the proposal. Based on user votes, decisions will be made on whether to accept or reject the proposal.