Question on wave 2 air-drop


In late September of last year, I was essentially the only LP for FARM/ETH pair on Mooniswap for at least a week. I understand that the initial airdrop did not reward LPs for this specific pair, but in the recent blog post they mentioned more unspecified LPs received more 1INCH, but I did not receive any.

It just feels a little wrong that I was not rewarded for being an LP months ago, but people that have never used 1inch or Mooniswap now retroactively receive more tokens? Its not like $FARM is not a known token.

So my question I guess is that, does what I did not qualify for this wave 2, and does this seem fair?

Thanks in advance.

Have you check your Claimable 1inch on 1inch breakdown menu?

yeah. I have 0 to claim.