Question about claiming farming rewards

Earlier today I claimed my 1inch and WXT farming reward:
1inch was something around $13.00+
WXT was something around $700.00+

I paid a high gas fee to claim the rewards somewhere around .02 eth. The transaction went through but I never received the WXT rewards in my Metamask wallet.

I attached a recent print screen of my current pool stake and I just want to confirm that I understand this correctly, the 1inch and WXT rewards are separate things correct? And according to this print screen, if I cashed out the reward I would receive $86.12 in rewards? or how does this work when I go to claim the rewards.

Sorry for the nub question and thanks in advance.

If you just click the Claim without Withdraw, the rewards each separately [1inch & WXT] would have been deposited into your wallet without any problems. ex) According to your balance shown, if you get a Claim reward in this state, $1.26 worth of one inch and $84.86 worth of wxt will be deposited into your wallet.