Quality of tweets should improve

I’m very sorry to raise this but I think the quality of the tweets is just not what it should be. 1INCH has now an 80k follower base and should improve it’s communication IMO.
eg tweet about TORN

  • The construction of the sentence is just off. I recommend to use Grammarly or have a native speaker rephrase your messages.
  • If you are trying to communicate that people should check the price before making a swap. Then show the prices!! There is no price in the second picture.

General recommendations:

  • Refrain from retweeting irrelevant tweets example. I follow 1INCH for 1INCH updates.
  • Don’t just state things. Educate people with threads. You have the reach now.

Hope this can be used as constructive advice for the future.
PS: Kudos on the gifs, they are top notch


I agree completely. Don’t bash the competitors, use them for comparison when showing 1inch success. Uniswap is an integral part of the aggregation protocol so it makes little sense to create the image that 1inch is alienated from Uniswap.

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Note that I don’t think they were bashing Uniswap… They were comparing prices without actually showing the 1INCH price. The tweet was just a statement without properly delivering the facts.

I wouldn’t want to overshadow that point.

Still - The grammar needs to at least improve to be taken more seriously.