Provide incentive for trading on 1Inch

I suggest and propose that 1Inch Exchange that a hit in the form of handing out free Chi Gas token shares (a percentage/per transaction used with ether for gas.) Example: Joe trades alot of crypto and joe pays alot of money on fees. Joe comes to 1inch all the time and he is a very steady customer… Joe can buy Chi gas tokens to use for ethereum but joe could also use more of his ether to buy more tokens (hence more fees).

Joe has two options:

1.Be forced to buy Chi tokens instead of 1inch tokens because he wants to save on gas (i wonder why chi is worth more than 1inch, thats sad) and makes 1inch token worth less the more he chooses to pick Chi over 1inch…

  1. Joe can come to 1inch every day and every trade and every time he makes a trade using his ether for gas, joe is credited with a certain percentage of free Chi tokens (not too little not too much) which would accrue and would help him save money on transactions the more he uses the exchange. Joe’s constant usage of 1inch creates a system where the more he uses it, the more share of Chi tokens he receives (in a progressive manner). This would create more demand for 1inch tokens, less demand for buying Chi, and would help generate buzz and popularity for both 1inch and Chi… Where they both help each other out and both bring more customers/users/stakers/providers etc to this ecosystem… There are so many suggestions i have that would make 1inch the best and most diverse exchange iout there but there needs to be a lot of work and alot of people agreeing for the betterment of not just our pocketbooks, but the entire ecosystem of ethereum…bc lets face it, i dont know how much longer people will be going having to spend hundreds of dollars on fees for sending a token… i mean…having to pay more for the gas to travel than for the whole car? that shit is retarded… if i could get my fees paid back, id probably have over 10k usd, i mean WOW. thats alot of 1inch i could be staking/farming!!!

tell me what you guys think please


Kindly asking you to familiarize yourself with the README: 1inch DAO governance process before you post any proposal, the current proposal has to be moved under the “aggregation protocol” category with the mark STAGE 1 in the title. Please, place the proposal correctly otherwise it is going to be deleted. Thanks


Love it. We need somehow merge chi and 1inch to help save on gas. Should add value to 1inxh