Proposal to extend 1inch/usdc and LDO LP farming

Hello 1inch fam, I would like to gather interest in extending the LP farming program for 1inch/USDC/wbtc/eth and also LDO. These programs are way too short to make it beneficial due to extremely high entry and exit Eth network fees. I’m proposing to extend these for at least another 3-6 months. This would make it more attractive to long term interest improving the sustainability of the platform. Please join me in support.


I would love to hear feedback from the team and community on such a proposal. If this platform wants long term liquidity providers they should prioritize a few key pools for long term liquidity mining even if it is at a lower APR. The rewards can be adjusted on a monthly basis to attract more liquidity as necessary but without the uncertainty of whether the program will be discontinued.


I hope this gets extended again!! :clap::clap:

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