Potential Partnership question

Hi community

Is there an active contact point for partnerships in the community? I’m a head of DAO Product at Techtree and obviously my explainer post didn’t go through moderation.

Much appreciated

Maybe you can share what the objective of the partnership? Then it might help the 1inch team to see whether the partnership seems viable / finding the right point of contact

Thanks @Doo_StableNode

I’m Andy, head of DAO Product at Techtree. We’re running bounty-based hiring project, sort of mycelium network for Web3 talent.

Here is a mirror article overview of our current working model. To sum up we are:

  1. Generating revenue for the DAO by utilizing community professional network and own skillset connecting community members with available projects and ecosystems.
  2. Helping DAO stakeholders hire faster and for fraction of the cost by building DAO-specific talent branch such as the one we built with MakerDAO where talent can flow from external projects and ecosystems.

I’ll be more than glad to post details in the forum if the above looks interesting to the 1Inch community.