Pending transaction

Hi guys,
I tried to remove liquidity from pool, and selected lowest gas fee suggested by Metamask (90). Right that moment gas price increased to 95-100 and now my transaction is pending for about 6 hours.
Is there any way to cancel/add more gas etc… I’m wondering if it can hang forever?? it’s about 8k USD hangind…
PS now I see that gas price 90 transaction should take about 15 minutes, however it hangs…
When Im sending money via MetaMask, I have option to “speed up” transaction however here with smart contracts I don’t see any speed up option?

Go to Metamask and switch to Activity tab and go to Transaction, then you can choose to speed up.

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If still no success, try to cancel it - here it guide Can I cancel the pending transaction? | - Help Center


Thank you folks it’s now resolved!

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