Not elegible for the rewards

I want to know if someone else has the same issue of meetting all the requirements for the 1inch airdrop, but still is not elegible for the reward, also another wallet I have doesn´t meet the requirements and IS elegible!
What is going on?

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I am wondering the same thing.

I used uniswap 2020 and 2021.

Last week I went on 1inch and connected one of my wallets to it. Thats it.

I should be eligible for something right? what is going on.

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Could you please give me the link or references which explain about requirements for 1inch airdrop? I wanna read it too. Thanks in advance.

Yes I have also not received any despite full-filling the requirements. I saw in one of the main set of instructions from them apologising if some of us were not given access to the free tokens… looks like we slipped through the net.

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this is unreal unlucky, that’s not very nice. why do it randomly

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“the project distributed 6 million 1INCH tokens to particularly active Uniswap traders. To receive the airdrop, the traders must have interacted with Uniswap in at least 20 separate days, and have done at least three trades in 2021. In addition, the wallets must not have interacted with either 1inch or Mooniswap in the past.”
Thats what I have from a social media

I have interacted with 1inch and Moonswap in the past. What a beautifull requirements. :rofl:

Seems like only regular uniswap users got the airdrop. Tis a bummer because I just started using 1inch on 1/10/2021, have multiple trades both here and Uniswap in the past month. The only thing I’m not sure of is if I’ve interacted with Uniswap on 20 different occasions. I generally use 1inch to check prices and gas fees of potential trades first.

Looks like a vampire airdrop to steal uniswap members away, rather than reward 1inch users.

Yeah, I have found some article that this airdrop have mission to steal uniswap users who never use 1inch exchange.

you could check on etherscan and see one by one of your tx. Especially the time when you do the transactions

Well it only says “interact” on 20 separate days, and also “at least 3 trades”. So I’m assuming they are separate requirements, and interactions do not strictly mean trades or transactions. I check uniswap alot on my mobile which isn’t attached to my wallet.

Kind of a weak airdrop, and almost makes me not want to use 1inch out of spite. Doesn’t seem right to reward people that don’t use it.

Yeah, beside the fees is so hight compare to the others exchange. Double fees.

Yeah, I mean Uniswap has generally been cheaper for me since everything has blown up and gas fees have gotten out of control.

I agree, when the team do not solve this double fees issue and unlock thing has not been removed like the other exchange. People will leave 1inch exchange. As I explain in this post Comparing 1inch Exchange to some Exchanges. The team should Solve this problem

Hi I received the last airdrop…why not this time?

Hi, I registered in this forum just to reply to this conversation, I was sure that I would have found something along the line of what you guys are saying, so I wanna share my experience too since I used Uniswap around 100 times on 2021, but checking Etherscan I saw that I used 1Inch a couple of times too, so I’m not eligible with my most used wallet, and the second most used already got the airdrop at Christmas and it’s not eligible either. Now, I know that those are free money and I won’t pretend I got any right to whine or ask for them, but the fact remains that they used really unfair criteria to select who should receive those tokens, and they also admitted publicly that some, even if eligible, still didn’t receive them. Maybe it was even a good marketing strategy, but a really unfair one and also a stab in the heart of this community, that I don’t feel part of, be that clear, I just don’t like that projects betray those that have supported them like in this case, I hope they can make it right in some way, and as last thing I want to say that I’ve tried to use 1Inch a lot, but even if they say they have the lower fees, that is almost never true, if they really wanted to snatch Uniswap users, to lower the fees would have been a much better strategy than this one IMO.


I have used uni for the last 2 years. Many times. I got the uni airdrop and actually suggested to friends to try 1inch.

One says he got the 1inch rewards last week. I tried today and it said I have none to claim. I then bought some 1inch tokens in my wallet Using uni. That did nothing.

The way it works seems to be wrong.

If you made more than 3 transactions on uni this year and last year but don’t use 1inch then we should get the airdrop. 1inch wrote that on their site this weekend.

i never used it and never got any :joy::joy::joy: only lucky few i guess. what a joke make me never wana use it.

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