Nominations for the Grants Committee.


GM everyone the [1IP-8] 1inch Community Grants Program has successfully passed Phase 3 and is moving towards token-based off-chain voting. The end of Phase 3 for [1IP-8] officially kickstarts the Nomination phase for the Grants Committee.


Just to summarise the Specs from the Proposal for the Gneiss Committee.

So Interested candidates can self nominate themselves using this form within the next 7 days till 2022-06-05T14:00:00Z and they will go directly to the Snapshot as soon as the 1IP 8 is passed on Snapshot. The form will give the option to have an organised place to collect the nominations rather than scrolling through forum posts. the form will ask for your:

  • Name /Discord handle
  • The motivation for applying?
  • Your qualifications/ skills that you can leverage if elected
    It also asks for
    *How many hours can you dedicate to GC if elected?
  • Sponsor(s) (i.e., those who will second your nomination.)
    these aren’t compulsory fields as they weren’t specified in the proposal but are good for the voters to make an educated decision.

Please self nominate yourself here and let’s kickstart a new chapter of 1InchDAO.

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    1. Name/Discord handle: 0xBaer#6344

      Motivation for applying:
      Has been a passive Community member for a while and believes that it is time for the DAO to kickstart its operations and focus more on the effective utilisation of its resources. I believe that the GC is in a special position to steer the entire DAO towards its Mission and accomplishment of Stage 2 of progressive decentralisation described by the foundation, This is the main reason I initiated the 1IP-8.

      Qualifications/ skills that you can leverage if elected :
      I’m a Web3 native DAOlitician, who started his carrier in Jan 2022 and became full time from March contributing primarily to BanklessDAO and BanklessConsulting. My Web3 contribution revolves around decentralised Governance and Operations in the DAO.
      I try to bring a balanced and educated opinion on proposals with the experience I have gathered while putting the Vision of 1inchDAO in the front.
      how many hours can you dedicate to GC: 20 Hrs, but I’m flexible to level up if the situation arises.
      Sponsor(s) (i.e., those who will second your nomination) : RoundElephant | 1Inch


    1. Name/Discord handle: Ignacio | Enzyme#0882
      Motivation for applying
      I have been working in crypto since December 2017 and in DeFi since last August. Had the opportunity to travel to Lisbon and fell in love with the community. I got bitten by the DeFi bug, I’m exploring all corners and learning every single day and I can’t get enough. I want to help the space grow and the best way I can collaborate is through my skills as a project manager. I think I can coordinate the work of the Grants Committee, and besides that, I just want the opportunity to know and interact with people alike.
      Qualifications/ skills that you can leverage if elected
      I am a project manager currently working for Avantgarde Finance (lead developer of the enzyme protocol), Enzyme as being an aggregator of the DeFi space would give me the perfect background to understand 1inch needs as a DEX aggregator. Besides that, I have background working with cross functional teams, marketing, and customer service. But above all, I have a huge need of continue learning by being exposed to new stuff.

      How many hours can you dedicate to GC : 30

      Sponsor(s) (i.e., those who will second your nomination)