Meta Mask stonations

I had at the staken of the tokens problems and therefore confirmed transactions again and again, because I entered out of too low transaction fees the order never went through. then I cancelled the 11 transactions that were specified at 1inch as pending. Now it says at Meta Mask that I now have to pay each transaction 11 s to stonation fees. But I can’t do any new transactions because they have to be completed. So do I have to pay ?

@Davbit, hopefully your issue is resolved by now since gas fees are/have very recently been VERY low. However, in the future, if you send a txn in which is taking longer than, lets say 20 minutes, then this is how you can fix it. Go to Metamask and click on your ETH balance. Within your ETH balance, if you have a pending txn, you should see 2 options just under that pending txn. “Cancel” and “Speed Up”. Choosing the speed up option will allow you to specify a higher gas price and resubmit the txn.

Every ETH txn you send from an address should have what is called a “nonce”. Basically a sequential numbering system for outgoing txns from that address, starting with zero (0). The speed up and cancel txn options automatically pin the same nonce as the pending txn, hence appending a higher gas fee simply ‘tricks’ miners into mining the txn with the higher gas fee and the lower gas fee will be disregarded since an address cannot send out more than one txn per nonce.

Helpful resources:

Bookmark Etherscan’s Gas Tracker page for easy access to current gas price information…

If you have a pending txn, NEVER send another txn until you have no more pending txns!!!

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