Linking forum username to wallet address

We are building a reputation system for DAO contributors at Karma. As part of that, we have built a Karma reputation dashboard to rank 1inch governance participants based on their activity in snapshot, on-chain voting and forum activity.

To see full reputation, governance participants have to link their forum handle/username to their wallet used for voting. This will help us show all your activity in one place and also boost your karma reputation score. We would like to use this Topic for governance participants to sign a message using their wallet and post it here so we can link.

If you are interested in seeing all your activity, please link your forum handle to your wallet on Karma dashboard. Here is the video showing how to link your wallet address and forum handle: How to guide


kinda like the reddit system…except for the fact no wallet comnected for rewards to loyal users of the platforn, which 1 inch would intend to do…Great idea. also builds a tighter community I approve 100%


Verifying my forum identity for 1inch governance addr: 0x824732D3F4Eb94a20254cca9DE10485Ce445Bb40 sig: 0xd216014e561f232fd30954c6b6fc914ccea901e5328ee3589bb55d4b0990a956105abed9d8b94652dd7430b10bac95c5ab3696532dfa07dc6c5ca03451bdfc531b #1inchgovernance

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I’m giving showkarma a try as I’ve heard good things from metagovernance groups. This comment just linked my wallet address to my forum name :slight_smile:

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Verifying my forum identity for 1inch governance addr: 0x5762F3074605df17AebE3f5BC8FC7f8702aca752 sig: 0x #1inchgovernance