Incentives for long term investors

This is a proposal that long term investors in 1inch should be incentivized by enabling a lock mechanism for 1/2/3/4 years, and maybe boosted APY returns based on how long you lock. This will be good for the long term holders and the price of 1inch.

Other protocols where this has been enabled examples: dhedge, cream, curve.

Give long term holders some extra incentives to stick around and create a lock.

What do you think ?


I think that proposal is great. With lock-tokens on longer period there are few pros for protocol:

  1. Decreasing velocity - with lower velocity token price tend to increase over time
  2. Users which lock token on long period will have motivation to actively work on protocol because they will have “skin in the game”
  3. Protocol will be more secure what brings new users - (low cost for acquisition per user)