Incentives for everything

Dear 1inch community, i have been into the crypto space for a decent time and I believe that 1inch tokenomics can be significantly improved by adding best practices from already existing successful projects. I propose to:

  1. Stimulate users by paying them a certain amount of inch tokens to make swaps (it may be a very little “cashbacks”)
  2. Do buybacks from the market or manage some support buy wall (those tokens can be also used for future development)
  3. Give an option in paying fees in 1inch tokens instead of eth, bnb, ect…
    I think it is clear that the best marketing for crypto project is PERFORMANCE of the TOKEN, a lot of users will come… Education is very good, but most of crypto dudes will become 1inch users ones they see a lot of benefit (like it was with bsc, matic, ect…)
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thanks for you proposal!
i agree,but how to vote? maybe use 1inch to vote first!


I need to figure it out how to create a proposal, for the moment i found only forum

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nice try! wating for you!thanks

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Hey Everyone !! Just wanna say that all the Points that are proposed in your post are ALREADY presented in Detail within this Article in DAO Section for the Next Stage 1 & Stage 2 & Finally Initiating Vote for BEST under Final Stage -

Please Check Out The Points Listed [ Around more than 15 points already added by other gov forum users & Also Been liked by Super Mods Belac , Anton & Others ]

I’d like to request you guys to support that Article & Rectify/Add a Valid Point you want in it by suggesting any Favourable Change .

Looking forward for your Participation :smiley:

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