Improved pool metrics

Concerning the pool metrics, which currently look like this:

  • 7 days and 30 days moving averages for volume, liquidity, and earnings
  • I assume the APY is based upon the “earnings (24h)”?
    57833/117666945*365=17,93% ~ 16.02%
    Or how exactly do you make your calculations?
  • A hover-over popup with some extra info would be nice here.
  • switch naming to:
    pool liquidity
    my liquidity
    pool earnings (24h)
    pool volume (24h)
    pool APY (24h)
    In that way, it removes the confusion if earnings are personal or for the pool.
  • Add the metrics:
    pool earnings (7d)
    pool earnings (30d)
    pool APY (7d)
    pool APY (30d)
    Governance earnings (24h)
    Governance earnings (7d)
    Governance earnings (30d)

To avoid using “pool” too much maybe separate “my liquidity” from the other stats.

The governance earnings could be interesting to evaluate incentive programs from the perspective of the 1INCH token holder.