I qualify for Wave 2 Airdrop but did not receive my tokens


I qualify under MOONISWAP criteria and was looking forward to receive tokens as airdrop but I have 0 claimable tokens when I checked it.

My tx-id as proof is 0x43d9484786a8af9e1d1d7356c7a912010c686242a4646b6b475189135931fe97

Does it not seem unfair that although the criteria is met, some users are not given the tokens? Could someone please check and let me know where is the issue.



Do you think we should provide etherscan evidence of our transactions on uni or elsewhere?

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Well it is upto you but I have provided it already, I want 1inch to tell me how I don’t qualify the criteria so it is clear on my mind.

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I have the same issue…my metamask address also meet all the criterie!
What can we do?


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HI, did you get answer?
How /who did you contact regarding the airdrop?

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Their support have a standard cut and paste response which says if you didn’t get the tokens, you are not qualified. They don’t give any explanation or don’t offer any check etc. (I did send them the transaction id as well as proof)

Extremely poor customer service. Very casual. I don’t think they are trust worthy to be honest, I have given up and will never trade with them in future again.

Did you get any response?


I have tried to contact them via their telegram group…but they say the same…“nothing we can do”!

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