I had 1in/eth staking and now its gone?

so i had 1in/eth LP tokens… i saw that the farming expired and i didnt want to convert them because the mining fee was expensive AF. so i waited a little time and then checked back a few days ago… my coins were gone? i checked version 1.0 and 1.1 but they were no were to be found… i checked back today and still couldnt figure it out? if someone could help me that would be amazing.

thank you : )


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I have the same problem. BTW, the farming end that for that pair is End date 14 Apr 2021, right? Anyway, I think the problem is the change in url which was sudden and disturbing with all the warnings to make sure the url is. Wish there was more info about the url change and any effects for LP and farming customers.

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Lmk if you figure out how to get any of your LP tokens back and I’ll do the same. Gotta help the community any way we can.

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You need to refresh your browser to clear the browser cache for the 1inch url. You then need to reconnect your wallet. I did that and my LP / farming was displayed properly.