How to get Limit Order history Fill information?

I have tried 2 ways:

  1. Using Limit order protocol API, but it limited to 999 transactions, and it only provide you 2021 year end transactions. So not very helpful.
    Please correct me if I use this API wrong.
  2. I tried to grab from every main-net block transactions, its a very very slow and expensive process. No good either

If anyone knows a better solution, please let me know. Thanks.

I just checked with the team – there is currently not a way to do this with the 1inch API. A third party platform, or a block explorer, is the only way to get this data.

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If order was filled at least partially you could extract order information from calldata, for example on platform


You can get every fill of your order with this query: Dune

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BTW you could use TheGraph for this task

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Thanks for the answer, Dune is very powerful. I am able to grab the fills info from there.

I agree, using the api to get passive fills seems not working and the query is not get maintained.