How To Convert 1inch token on ERC20 to BEP20 (BSC)?

on bridge, you also need to pay txs fees. I understand EVM very well and what I want to say is:
“because I dont full understand bridge solution, I move my funds in different way from Ethereum to BSC”
Simply, I dont like to use solutions that i dont full understand and I want transfer assets between my addresses. ETH-BSC bridge provide another SC address - which I personally dont like (I am not saying that is wrong)
Some users said that they need wait 48 hours to get funds from bridge


mine eventually went through, it took like 3-4 days…

But I have a new unanswered problem where I provided liquidity but apparently cant remove it…

Do you add your LP to farming tap??

Send your 1inch to Binance, next send back by BSC, but you pay commision.
the easiest and most reliable way.

I know, but there is no CHI token, I wanna move my chi token from BSC to ERC20.

yes I added my LP tokens to farming.

Have you try the Exit/withdrawl button to remove your LP on farming first? then you can remove your LP on Pool.

The Chi on BEP20 and ERC20 have the same contract and fundamentals, however are pegged to different prices, as the gas amount differentiates on each. Unfortunately you cannot move your Chi from one chain to the other.

Turns out it finally worked. I’m guessing just front end web app bugs

I see, thanks for the information, So it means that the price of CHI in BEP20 depends on people who use CHI in BEP20 network. So, it will more cheaper or higher

Maybe this can help: when creating multiple accounts, for instance in MetaMask (MM) (say 2 ‘normal’ ERC-20 & 2 for use on Binance) and you’ve established a connection to BSC, you can send 1inch tokens from a ‘normal’ account to another of yr BSC accounts in MM. Thing is, you should use the Main network and also check the BSC account through Main network (not the BSC Mainnet). That I know will work .

There is another unmentioned workaround for Binance now. If you install the following application:

It has an ability to register a new binance account without KYC just inside the Safe Pal application connected to your mnemonic seed for this wallet. No identity is exposed.

I will not put a lot of money there, but you can use it as a gateway to Binance Smart Chain tokens that you can keep onchain in your Safe Pal or Trust Wallet.

u can use binance bro, its cheap when u send into bsc

But there is no chi token on binance dude.

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