How To Convert 1inch token on ERC20 to BEP20 (BSC)?

Is there anyone know how to move my 1inch token in ERC20 to BEP20 (BSC) network?

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It seems that now only through binance.

How about if I wanna swap chi token? There is no chi token on binance?

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I tried using the binance smart chain bridge and meta mask and I think I lost all of my 1inch tokens… Anyone know how to contact 1inch support or something?

You can buy Chi at the Matcha exchange

I don’t wanna buy it, I wanna move chi token from BEP20 to ERC20 network

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Then only the BSC bridge.

same happened to me. First transaction with small amount of 1inch was successful and fast. Second with bigger amount still pending. More than 24 hours. Created ticket at Binance. Got message “Your inquiry in chat has been upgraded to a ticket for further processing. We will respond to your request within 120 hours.”

Status in Bridge history “Remitting”

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only on bsc, in this case you need to use bridge

downside of centralization, same happens to Coinbase. Chat with Coinbase and Binance support is the horrible experience.
You was send from binance to BSC? Are you check bsc scan?

But there is no option to move my chi token, only 1inch and several token. I need to move my CHI Token from BSC to ERC20. Any advise?

I tried to send 1inch tokens from my own DeFi wallet to MetaMask using Binance Bridge. Bridge generated new address. On etherscan I see transaction was successful to that address and it went to Binance Exchange pool and got stuck there. There is no tx on BSC yet :frowning:

I guest the problem is because you use exchange wallet. Please try using your private wallet which you own the private key. I think that is the problem

DeFi Wallet is my own Wallet. From there I sent tokens to my own Metamask. Like I said before, first tx with small amount using Bridge was fast and successful. After several hours I sent bigger amount and got stuck. I have no idea how Binance Bridge generated address sent my tokens to Binance Exchange pool. My status after almost 48 hours on Bridge history page says is 'remitting". I don’t know what to do. :roll_eyes:!

This is successful transaction from my own wallet to Metamask

Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 18.08.22

UPDATE! After 48 hours I finally got my 1inch tokens. :star_struck: The transaction eventually went through and completed. Seriously, it scared me. But all good now. :wink:

I wish you all the best :+1:


Thats good, maybe there are so many transaction so you should waiting more longger than usual to get your token moved

Perhaps the Bridge overloaded now and transaction could take days to clear. If I knew I wouldn’t do that again. Too much stress

Maybe it is overload because many projects are still in process moving from ERC20 to BSC (BEP20)

Agree, i don’t use bridge because fee is higher than simple txs and I don’t understand how work that black box. With simple txs I send assets to binance exchange account and from there on BSC

The fee is higher when you send your token from ERC20 to BSC, it is just because you have to pay fees on ETH which is very high since ETH price is very high too

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