How does the team look like?

I know about 5 people in the team and what their skill set is.
I also read you have around 30 people on the team.
I’m curious to know which roles you have in the team and how you are building out the team?

@Natalia @k06a


Hey absolutely!

Currently, the 1inch team consists of more than 30 highly qualified specialists, and we are still hiring additional members!

Our team is distributed around the globe, including people from 11 countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Cyprus, Thailand, USA, Croatia, Belarus, China, Ukraine and Switzerland.

We’ve got various subdivisions:

  1. Development – the biggest and the most vital one, consists of 16 professionals and winners of international hackathons, including smart contract developers, blockchain architects, frontenders, backenders, mobile developers, DevOps and QA-testers.

  2. Community and support – consists of 8 front line fighters who are providing 1inch users with almost 24/7 assistance.

  3. Marketing and PR – consists of 6 whisperers who are spreading the word about 1inch products and achievements through multiple channels across the world.

  4. Design and art – consists of 2 talented artists responsible for all the visual assets, aesthetics and user experience of our products.

  5. Business development – consists of 1 natural-born negotiator and 1 attentive to details data analyst.

  6. Operations – consists of 1 people & culture systems guru and 1 genuine legal-eagle.


Yay. By Reading this I just realise one more time, how cool is our team. Thanks @Natalia for great Explanation. :unicorn:

Worth to mention that we are working with a lot of indie-hackers, tat building new integrations on top of 1inch. The great example is recent Hackhaton with 16 winners. So. We can say that they also part of our team :smile:

So the best solutions we are keep supporting developers to build their projects. So don’t hesitate to post about your ideas In this forum!

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How to join in your team?

Send please your CV to

Thank you @skywinder , is there any spesific criteria to be a part of the team? so I will put only related subject on my CV. Thanks in advance.

很强大的团队!很美的名字!加油!1inch :laughing: