Guidelines for proposal? Need input and answers!

So i have a project/idea that my friend and I came up with that we have already begun work on and thought this would be the perfect place for.

But, before i get all hooves over head about this… I need clarification.

-Who has to approve a proposal? Finality? Autonomy?
-When is it voted or taken to a vote?
-What limitations exist? (timeline/budget/direction/objective)
-Why should this project get funded?
-How will this proposal benefit the community and overall use/application of 1inch and what it has and wants to accomplish?

I personally think that this platform is highly underrated and could benefit from more visibility, projection into reality and some good old fashioned humor! With the right work and input I feel this would be win/win and fun mostly :slight_smile:

awaiting responses. Thanks for the time and input!

1inch Grant is all you need .